Our team of clinical counselors, coaches and addiction specialists come from a diverse background of experiences with one thing in common; to help those suffering from addiction. We have assembled what we believe to be the best team in Nashville when it comes to helping people achieve and maintain sobriety.

Ryan Cain Headshot

Ryan Cain

  • President
Darren Hobbs Headshot

Darren Hobbs

  • Co-Founder
Carrie Fraser Headshot

Carrie Fraser

  • Clinical Director of The Becoming Counseling and TRC
Jamie Johnson Abner Headshot

Jamie Johnson Abner

  • Director of Business Development
Wes Cain Headshot

Wes Cain

  • Wes Cain, President & Founder, The Becoming Counseling¬†
Tess Free Headshot

Tess Free

  • Director of Field Operations
Matt Dean Headshot

Matt Dean

  • Director of Operations, The Becoming Counseling¬†
AJ Moore Headshot

AJ Moore

  • Outreach Coordinator
Lauren Vest Headshot

Lauren Vest

  • Office Manager and Admissions Coordinator
Dallas Herzberg Headshot

Dallas Herzberg

  • Office Manager - TRC West
Andy Dozier Headshot

Andy Dozier

  • Counselor, The Becoming
Bobbie Jo Yokley Headshot

Bobbie Jo Yokley

  • Counselor, The Becoming

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